Verus Dog Food Review 2024: Ingredients, Recall & Recipes

With natural ingredients, Verus Dog Food is an excellent option for a high-energy, overweight canine. Verus offers several grain-free recipes that promote digestion, including omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics.

If you’ve chosen Verus dog food for your dog, look no further. This article will give a complete Verus dog food review, including its various grain-free recipes, where to get it, and how to do so. Is it a good choice? In addition, complete information on Verus canned dog food and its recall date will be provided, helping you determine how much food to feed your dog.

Verus Dog Food Review

Verus is a dog food company that uses natural, quality ingredients in its food. It offers different recipes for adult and immature dogs separately, which are suitable for them. Recently, it has gained a reputation in the market by providing high-quality canine food.

What Type of Dog is Best For VeRUS?

Verus is suitable for adult and non-adult dogs of all sizes but is specially formulated for active dogs.

If your dog is overweight or gaining weight, use the Verus food immediately.

Verus Dog Food

Does VeRUS Food Contain Any Controversial Ingredients?

Beet pulp obtained from sugar beet processing is rich in fiber. Some dogs don’t find it palatable because of the cheap filler, but others say it’s good for canine gut and blood sugar.

Including ingredients like beetroot pulp in Verus is not so harmful, but its effect is audible. Many Verus’s recipes contain very little beetroot pulp, so you don’t have to worry too much.

About Quality Ingredients

If we talk about the amount of quality ingredients in this dog food, According to this data, it has a protein content that is near average and a fat content that is below average. Another essential ingredient added is the carbohydrate content of 52%, which is way above the average level.

Verus Dog Food’s recipes contain several plants, such as alfalfa, flaxseed, lentils, chickpeas, and peas. Choose a more protein-rich recipe if you want your dog to look healthy.

Discussion of the Primary Ingredients

Each recipe offered by VeRUS includes a variety of suitable ingredients. However, we have listed some of its essential ingredients, which are detailed below.

Chicken Meal

The most essential ingredient in dog food like VeRUS is chicken meal, which is rich in amino acids and found in commercial foods. It is high in protein, which includes meat, skin, and bones. But Verus Foods offers recipes free of heads, feet, fins, and entrails.

If your dog is allergic to chicken, it is best to keep your dog away from it.

Lamb Meal

Lamb is another lean animal source rich in amino acids but low in fat. Like other ingredients, it was used as a main ingredient, which contains more protein than regular meat.

Fish Meal

Menhaden fish meal, used in Verus Foods, is the third primary ingredient produced from the ground tissue of menhaden cuttings. For its preparation, fish are caught and then preserved and frozen naturally. Menhaden fish meal is an excellent option for fish protein, amino acids, and omega fatty acids.


Salmon is another essential ingredient for a healthy immune system, glowing skin, and coat. It also significantly reduces inflammation.

Recall History

According to our research, Verus Dog Food has not been recalled since 2009, which shows how well-proven this brand is.

A Short Look at Verus Dog Food

Made for every breed and size of dogBeet pulp included as a controversial ingredient
The amount of fat added is minimalVery Expensive
Contains no fillers of any kindAvailable in stores in limited quantities

How Long Are Verus Dog Foods Shelf Stable?

Verus Dog Food dry formulas are stable for approximately 18 months from preparation. But canned food can be preserved for up to 3 years from preparation.

Where to Buy Verus Dog Food?

Verus Dog Food is not available in large quantities due to its high cost; hence, it is not readily available. You can find information on food from nearby areas in the Northeast United States and various websites.

The 2 Best Verus Dog Food Recipes

1: Verus Life Advantage Dry Dog Food

A recipe like Verus Life Advantage contains many ingredients, such as chicken meal, ground oat groats, brown rice, rice bran, and chicken fat. This recipe proves beneficial for all stages of life and is specifically designed to meet AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles.

The chicken used in this Verus recipe is raised without growth hormones or antibiotics. It also contains 24% minimum crude protein and 15% minimum crude fat. The dish contains no artificial colours, flavors, or fillers.

It also contains dried live probiotics and chicory root extract for healthy digestion and immunity. Like other brands, it also contains omega fatty acids and L-carnitine.

This dog food recipe contains a lot of chicken and grains, so it would be best to keep dogs allergic to chicken away from this recipe.

Proven helpful for better digestionNot suitable for dogs allergic to chicken
Full of grainsToo expensive
This recipe proves useful for all stages of life

2: Verus Puppy Advantage Dry Dog Food

The Verus Puppy Advantage formula and the Verus Life Advantage formula are almost identical. The only difference is the calories, which are much higher in this formula. Verus Puppy Advantage is a fantastic option for growing puppies and pregnant and nursing mothers. It also contains no additional ingredients or fillers but is made from natural ingredients. This formula has a small kibble size, so dogs with small mouths can devour it.

It also includes many other ingredients, such as chicken meal, oats, and brown rice, which are suitable for a one-year-old dog.

It also includes many other ingredients like chicken mealHard to find
Too many calories
It is beneficial for pregnant and nursing mothers


Overall, Verus Dog Food gets 4 to 5 stars, which shows its usefulness. It offers a variety of recipes for dogs of every breed, color, and size at every stage of their lives and contains the highest-quality natural ingredients.

It costs much more than other brands but can keep your pup healthy by providing nutritious food.


Is Verus a Good Dog Food? 

Yes, Verus is a good choice for successful dog digestion and weight loss.

Who Makes Verus Food? 

Verus Canine Food is a family-run business founded in 1993. The company takes pride in its dedication to quality food from the past to the present day and is committed to providing quality pet food in the future as well.

Where Is Verus Dog Food Made?

This dog food is made in the USA under the leadership of a highly skilled team.

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