Valu Pak Dog Food Review 2024: Its Black and Purple Bags

Valu Pak Dog Food is a product manufactured by Specialty Feeds, an American company that has been manufacturing pet food for over 50 years. It comprises a pure protein and a combination of essential ingredients like fat, which play a significant role in the dog’s health. This article will provide a complete review of Valu Pak. Besides its ingredients, recall history, Pros & Cons, and Who makes and sells it. Where can it be purchased? Is it suitable for canines? It provides a complete guide to the various recipes and bags like black and purple.

Valu Pak Dog Food Reviews

At the beginning of the article, we will tell you about Valu Pak, the absolute truth of this food, and how and where it is made.

Who Makes Valu Pak and Where Is It Produced?

Specialty Feeds manufactures this dog food, founded 40 years ago in Mississippi. In the beginning, only one formula was developed, but now, many formulas are being developed and sold throughout the United States. The company owner says they aim to create affordable, high-quality food that gives canines a chance at a new, happy life. Although this food is made in the United States, many other ingredients are imported from neighboring countries.

Who Sells Valu pak Food? And where can it be purchased?

The food is packaged in different bags when ready; black and purple bags are trendy, and people often use them for their dogs. After packing, it is shipped throughout the US region and to many foreign countries. The food is then available at various pet stores with online delivery options.

Before feeding your dog new food, consult your vet once, who will provide further guidance by conducting regular check-ups.


No food can be tasty and nutritious unless high-quality ingredients are used. This part of the article will review the ingredients used in Valu Pak that further enhance their nutritional value.

Protein is the most commonly used ingredient in Valu Pak, which helps provide protein, vitamins, and minerals to canines.

In addition, it contains many carbohydrates, such as brown rice and whatever is used, which increases the blood sugar level and provides the dog with plenty of energy. A healthy dog’s skin and coat can be achieved with linseed and fish oil. Omega fatty acids are included in this product. The inclusion of all these ingredients makes the food more beneficial.

Pork MealWhole Grain Brown Rice
Whole Grain SorghumChicken Fat
Dried Beet PulpPotassium Chloride
Calcium CarbonateCalcium Aluminosilicate
Ferrous SulfateVitamin B12 Supplement

Recall History

Valu Pak Dog Food is a product from a trusted company that has never heard of a recall because it does not use any unnecessary ingredients that cause recall but is formulated by expert veterinarians. Different formulas are made for dogs of various sizes.

3 Best Valu Pak Dog Food Recipes

1. Valu Pak 24-20 Red Bag

Valu Pak Red Bag contains many ingredients, including pork, ground whole-grain corn, and soft wheat. It also contains flaxseed, which is essential for health and omega-3 content. This recipe contains 24% protein and 20% fat.

This food recipe is top-rated because its ingredients increase its value.

2: Valu Pak 28-20 Black Bag

    Another essential recipe provided is the Valu Pak 28-20 Black Bag, which, like the other recipes, is packed with nutrients and made with many ingredients. Also, this recipe is completely free of corn and soy. Chicken and pork are the most used. Including 28% protein adds significantly to the value of this recipe.

    Valu Pak Black Bag suits all stages of a dog’s life. It provides both dry and wet foods.

    Valu Pak 30-20 Purple Bag

    Valu-Pak 30-20 Dog Food is formulated with glucosamine and chondroitin for adult athletes and small pups. Like other formulas, this one is protein-first and contains no soy.

    Apart from black bags, purple bags are also in great demand. Like other recipes, it also includes quality ingredients that provide a nutritious and delicious meal. It is a little expensive compared to different formulas but has numerous benefits. It gives the canines a good shape, keeps them physically strong, and gives them a lot of support in running.


    According to our research team, Valu Pak Dog Food is in high demand due to its popularity, reduced recall history, and the ingredients used, which attract canine owners. As a product of Specialty Feeds, Valu Pak is a product that dog owners unquestionably trust, as they are confident that the company never launches any unsuitable products for dogs.

    If you also want your dog to enjoy this food, you can choose one of the above recipes or consult your vet for proper feeding guidance.

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