Sportmix Dog Food Review 2024, Is it Safe for Dogs?

Sportmix Dog Food is a dog food that provides a balanced diet and high-quality ingredients, fats, vitamins, and minerals to improve the overall condition of the dog, which play an essential role in strengthening muscles, bones, and a shiny coat.

In today’s article, we will provide a complete review of Sportmix food, including its ingredients, such as high protein, price, and whether it is safe for dogs. Who makes and sells it? Detailed recall history information will be provided.

Sportmix Dog Food Reviews

Please read this detailed article to review the most frequently asked questions about Sportmix and learn all the secrets other canine owners may not know.

Is Sportmix Food a Good Choice?

Yes, Sportmax is ​​a nutritional food that supports canines for walking and running. Sportmix is ​​a food that significantly improves canine skin, shiny coat, and appearance, keeping the dog active and energetic.

Is Sportmix safe for canines to use?

If you have selected Sportmix food for your dog, it has no side effects and is proven to be the best for dogs as it uses high-quality premium ingredients that play a significant role in their growth. 

Who Makes Sportmix and Where Is it Produced?

Sportmix has been part of Midwestern Pet Foods for the past 100 years. It’s a family-owned company that’s been around for generations, starting in the Midwest and now gaining a reputation throughout the American region.

Sportmix food is manufactured by highly skilled and senior veterinarians day and night.

Recall History

Before feeding any food to your dog, it is essential to understand the recall history of the food because it shows how safe the brand is. If we talk about the Sportmix diet, according to our research, a date around 2020 is still being determined. However, some memories of it came to be heard in 2021, which we will explain.

Aflatoxin Recall

The FDA recalled Sportmix Energy Plus and Premium High Energy after at least 28 deaths and eight illnesses were reported in dogs fed these food products.

Salmonella Recall

When the FDA issued an alert that Sportmix Dog Food was contaminated with salmonella, it was immediately recalled, but thank God no lives were lost.

Primary Ingredients

Let’s see what quality ingredients are used in the various recipes provided by Sports Mix that attract canine owners.

Meat Meal

The main ingredient in Sportmix is ​​a meat meal obtained from the meat and tissues of various animals, free of additional materials such as blood, hair, hooves, hide trimmings, stomach, rumen contents, horns, etc. are also not used. There are also many types of meat meals; some are obtained from grocery stores, and some are road kills or dead or diseased cattle. And they are easily digested.

Chicken Fat

Chicken fat is used to enhance the flavor and consistency of the dry kibble. It is the cheapest ingredient with many benefits, such as linoleic acid, which significantly obtains omega-6 fatty acids.


Corn is a controversial ingredient in dog food that further boosts its nutritional value. Corn is available at low prices, but too much grain can cause digestive upset.

Ground Wheat

Sportmix uses a small amount of ground wheat, a whole grain, to provide carbohydrates and fiber and maintain energy levels.

1 Best Sportmix Dog Food Recipes 

Here, you can review only 3 of the different recipes offered by Sportmix, and you can decide whether to use them or not, considering their benefits and drawbacks.

1: Sportmix Bite Size Dry Food For Adult Dogs

IngredientsGround Wheat, Meat Meal, Soybean Meal and Chicken Fat
Protein21% min
Fat 8% min
Calories315 kcal/cup

Sportmix Bite Size Dry Food is best suited for dogs that are low in energy as it uses very little protein and fat. This recipe also contains vitamins and minerals for nutritional support and omega-3 and six fatty acids for skin and coat strength.

These dog food recipes use several ingredients that enhance their nutritional value and make them appealing to canine owners.

If you want your dog to be well nourished and have a Strong, firm skin and coat, then you must try this food once.

Does Sportmix Dog Food Kill Dogs?

Due to aflatoxin, eight different diseases were observed in Sportmix Energy Plus and Premium High Energy, which led to the death of 28 dogs, which the company regrets even today. But no problem, now you can safely use Sportmix for your dog.


Sportmix Dog Food has been doing its part in providing nutritious food to dogs for years, but a couple of disappointing recalls in 2020 and 2019 did a lot of damage to their reputation, which is still suffering today.

Their recall was caused by a product unsuitable for canines, but now a talented team has been assembled to produce it, working day and night to reclaim its position. Consuming Sportmix food makes the dog physically strong and look cuddly, which everyone would love to have.

Some FAQS About Sportmix Dog Food

Is Sportmix dog food suitable?

ANS: Sportmax is ​​a perfect and nutritious option for dogs with good growth and robust skin and coat, rated 2 out of 5 stars.

Is Sportmix AAFCO approved?

ANS: Yes, AAFCO fully supports Sportmix food and its variants.

Who owns Sportmix dog food?

ANS: Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. owns sportmix dog food.

Is Sportmix dog food grain-free?

ANS: Sportmix offers several grain-rich and grain-free recipes that are also good for digestion.

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