Pet Pride Dog Food Review 2024, Ingredients, Recipes

If you are looking for an affordable brand of quality ingredients for your dog, Pet Pride dog food is an excellent option, as it has all the features that every canine owner needs for their dog: a healthy life and a shiny coat and skin.

So, friends, we will give you a complete review of Pet Pride food, including its recall history, ingredients, recipes, 50 IBS, sourcing and manufacturing, where, how, and who makes and sells it, and Pet Pride Wet and Canned Dog Foods Review.

Pet Pride Dog Food Reviews

Is Pet Pride Food a Good Choice For a Dog?

The formulas provided by Pet Pride Food are free from side effects and health problems. It is an excellent option for owners who want to feed their canines a quality diet on a budget. Adhering to AAFCO standards, they offer a variety of formulas for dogs, including a 50 Ibs., which is nutritionally dense and made with superior ingredients to give dogs the energy they need throughout their lives. That’s why Pet Pride Food is a good choice for dogs.

Who Makes Pet Pride Food and Where is It Produced?

According to the information provided by the Kroger website, the brand is made in the USA. It is not yet clear which company makes it and who owns it. However, according to our research, it is sourced and mono-featured from many partner companies that work together to provide the best food for your dog.

Thousands of companies in the United States manufacture canine food, which may be part of one of them. It is also possible that some of its ingredients are imported from foreign countries, such as China.

Where to Buy Pet Pride Food?

In today’s modern age, it is easy to buy any product. Just pick up your mobile and go to Google; many websites provide canine food at home.

You can also purchase it by going to pet stores where you can get food at a cheap price.

Is Kroger Pet Pride  Food Save For Dogs?

Of course, given the variety of recipes and formulas this dog food offers, this food is safe for canines as it uses ingredients that are essential contributors to the overall health of dogs.

As per our research, we have not seen or heard any side effects or health effects, so we can choose this brand for our dog.


This dog food does not use such expensive ingredients as it is available at a low price, so it is better if you don’t expect quality premium ingredients from them.

The following will review the ingredients that are used in this dish.

Meat Meals: As this dog food is inexpensive, most of it is made of meat, so it is already quite delicious and luscious.

Ground Yellow CornMeat & Bone Meal
Animal Fat Corn Gluten Meal
Poultry By-Product MealWheat Middlings
Brewers Dried YeastDried Whey
Ferrous SulfateOxide Color

Pet Pride Food contains additives such as flavorings and preservatives instead of the most valuable ingredients.

However, one of its advantages is that canine owners can keep their dogs healthy at a meager cost.

2 Best Pet Pride Dog Food Recipes

1: Chunk Style Chicken Flavor Dog Food

This recipe provided by Pet Pride Food only contains chicken flavor and not whole chicken, so it is considered the company’s regular food because it contains very little chicken.

Meat is used as a protein, which adds a lot of meat to the recipe to make the food more flavorful. Allergic dogs are best kept away from them as they can develop more severe problems if they enjoy them.

While the food is inexpensive, it still provides the canine with the complete energy-rich food that other high-quality foods offer.

Unnamed meat products
Very low in chicken
High in grains

2: Chopped Burger with Cheddar Cheese Flavor

Like the first formula, this recipe is the same as its primary ingredients. But everyone has their characteristics. Your dog will decide which formula he prefers.

This recipe provided by Pet Pride includes beef by-products but uses some higher quality ingredients than the first formula, such as high fructose corn syrup and soy flour.

This recipe is more popular than others, so several pouches are used to maintain its freshness.

Named meatLow-quality ingredients
Semi-moist kibble is more flavorful.More expensive

Recall History

Pet Pride Dog Food uses substandard ingredients, including many artificial flavors and preservatives that may cause recalls. Still, there have been no recalls of the various recipes it provides.

Pet Pride Wet and Canned Dog Foods Review

Pet Pride Food offers a wide range of foods for dogs of different breeds, sizes, and ages. Some dogs prefer wet food, and some like dry food, but Pride Foods offers both foods your dog can eat to promote their health.

If your dog likes wet food, you can choose damp food.

If your dog exhibits dry food, you can feed it dry, as both options are available.


Pet Pride Dog Food is a highly affordable and beneficial food that significantly keeps your dog healthy. It offers a range of wet and dry dog ​​food for your dog to use to maintain your dog’s health.

Pet Pride foods are also added with some additional preservatives to preserve them longer and make them edible. When you start feeding your dog Pet Pride, you will notice a lot of innovation in your dog’s skin and Coat after a few days.

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